Development and Design Portfolio

The Mark Website

The Mark is a property located in downtown Athens, Georgia. Landmark properties prides itself on its amenities and provided dozens of high quality CAD drawings of the future property (the building was incomplete at the time). My job was to create an ultra user friendly website interface, that was aesthetically pleasing and displayed luxurious amenities that beat the local competition. To further spike interest in potential residents, the location page had to show the close proximity to campus and the allure of downtown Athens life. The floor plans page was fast and easy to navigate. Users had to be able to easily Apply or login into the Resident Portal. The design of this website had to be concise. The initial design was created in Photoshop and the first draft I turned in to Landmark was immediately approved with no edits from the client.

Peak Steel Buildings Brochure

Peak Steel Buildings provides custom steel buildings and structural design for a broad range of residential and commercial needs across the US. This client needed to effectively display their steel buildings with high quality images in order to stimulate a potential customers imagination and complete a sale. Please view the sample of their 18 page brochure.

Peak Steel Buildings Website

Peak Steel Buildings needed a robust website, optimized for SEO, speed, and ultimately conversions. Their website serves as the digital and interactive version of their brochure, where potential customers can easily fill out a simple form inquiry for a quote, view Peak’s impressive portfolio and learn more about steel buildings and services.

AiroClean420 Logo

AiroClean420 builds commercial air sanitation units for cannabis grow rooms to address powdery mildew, mold and other pollutants. With the advent of cannabis legalization in some states, the need for state of the art air sanitation units grew as more legal cannabis grow rooms opened. Stylistically, the cannabis industry is becoming more professional and corporate, turning away from subcultural branding of products. The AiroClean420 branding aims to be clean and professional, representing a high-end B2B product. This logo hangs in hundreds of commercial grow rooms across the country.

AiroClean420 Instagram

The cannabis industry is popular on Instagram. AiroClean420 wanted to advertise to commercial cannabis entrepreneurs and growers by using hashtags that are often used on this social media platform. The results from posting on Instagram are extrememly varied, as many users of Instagram and end-users of cannabis on not neccessarily in the industry. Nonetheless, it is free to post on Instagram and AiroClean420 found no harm in doing so. The following are examples of posts I have created. Note: Not all posts by AiroClean420 on Instagram have been created by me.