Digital Marketing Portfolio

Website Traffic, Analytics & SEO Reporting

A combination of two different types of reporting are necessary. Automated reports where systems are configured to email customers and/or colleagues customized reports on website traffic analytics, how SEO is performing and traffic coming from other sources such as social media, backlinks, etc. Another type of reporting is a manual report from a digital marketer who analyzes that statistics in order to improve a current marketing plan and reports back to colleagues in order to increase ROI. Also, a briefing on companies that have visited the website and tracking the interactions with said company is necessary. Both automated and manual reporting are needed. Reporting and using data wisely is important because being specific in marketing is the key to success. For these kinds of report, I typically use Raventools, Google Charts and Google Analytics. These reports are highly customizable to fit the needs of a company or client.

Keyword Research

Before starting keyword research, a great deal of business research and discovery is needed. Learning as much as possible about a business’s customer or clientèle and the nature of the individual business is key in order to perform excellent keyword research. Overtime, industries can change, so it is important to communicate with the client on trends in their industry in case SEO and keyword strategy has to be changed. It is also helpful to keep clients informed about search volume of money and long-tail keywords so they too can be made aware of trends in their industry.

Marketing Metrics

Marketing Metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are variables used to track all marketing campaigns that are both online and offline. These variables include website traffic, page views, bounce rate, downloads, lead conversions, goal completion rates, phone calls, purchase funneling, sales, returning visitor metrics and more. Each company needs a customized dashboard in how to properly review over marketing metrics and how to use the immense amount of data wisely. I prefer to use Klipfolio and/or Google Charts to create a visual dashboard for marketing metrics.

Landmark Properties

For two years I was the Client Services Manager for six Landmark Property websites. My responsibilities included but were not limited to: SEO, analytics reporting, website maintenance, updates, design, security, blog content management, keyword research and social media management. We successfully ranked Landmark Properties on page one for many extremely competitive keywords in each city.

AiroClean420 builds commercial air sanitation units for cannabis grow rooms to address powdery mildew, mold and other pollutants. There are particular challenges in marketing for cannabis companies. Legal cannabis businesses are more dependent on ranking in organic search because they cannot run a Google AdWords campaign. needed a robust organic SEO plan with high quality keyword research and blog content. Although keyword research is important, getting inside the mind of the client’s customer was key. AiroClean420 needed to empathize with their customers’ challenges and become a source where could they could find answers to their questions. Monthly, I would interview the client to find new trends in the industry, read cannabis business magazines and publications. Taking a humanist approach to SEO, we had the information we needed to create high quality blog content. This resulted in a highly successful SEO campaign where was the first result or on page one for long-tail keywords potential customers were typing into Google. This resulted in huge gains in website traffic. Since the beginning of their SEO campaign, AiroClean420 has sold over 1,000 units, priced at over 5K per unit.

Exclusive Appliance Services

Exclusive Appliance Service repairs luxury home and kitchen appliances. Initially, their website was not ranking on the first page of Google for specific keywords in their industry. Their entire website was not optimized for SEO, although they were working with a previous SEO company for an extended period of time. After improving upon 150+ SEO variables on their website and online profiles, this client started ranking on page one for many important keywords their potential customers were searching for in Google. The client noted a 35% increase in revenue within four months and a huge ROI for digital marketing services done correctly.